Savasana and the Nested Dream

Day 410 (2019-02-11)  When I nap, I always lie in Savasana, or corpse pose.  This is a common relaxation pose used at both the beginning and end of many, good Hatha Yoga classes.   I’ve been doing Savasana since my mid teens, and for many years, my body immediately enters a very relaxed state as soon as I assume the familiar position.

Today was no different.  I lay down for a brief, 17 minute nap before my evening dog training classes.  I was asleep very quickly and had a very interesting and somewhat disturbing dream.  I dreamt I was a child of 6 or 7 years, sitting beside an Elder at an Elder’s conference.  There were several hundred Native Elders, all sitting in large, concentric circles.  I was there with one of the Elders, a man who was my relative (in the dream), and observing the proceedings.  I awoke, with my wife, Sue beside me; and began to tell her about this neat dream.  While I was telling Sue, I was overcome by a wave of incredible sorrow, and began to weep, so great was the sorrow I felt.  And then I woke up again, with Sue by my side again, and told her of the dreams, while still awash with a strong feeling of sorrow & pain & loss.  Although I don’t know what I was sad about, I am filled with sadness again, just writing this.




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